Laserjet P2015 does not awake from sleep mode

Laserjet P2015 does not awake from sleep mode

Postby stephen » Wed Dec 10, 2008 11:15 am

Laserjet P2015 does not awake from sleep mode

I have a HP Laserjet P2015
I recently had to purchase a replacement controller board
part number Q7804-60001
this board has Formatter number: JJ5L59C

Now the printer will work just after it is turned on you can print ok, but if you leave the printer idle for some time the Laserjet P2015 seems to go to sleep and does not wake up.
and you cannot print to the printer until the printer is power cycled.

Here is what others have experienced with this problem.

HP part number for the P2015 font/FW combo DIMM.
CE517-67902 CE517AB

I have rung HP support and the first thing to try is a Cold Reset of the printer
1. Power Off printer
2. Hold down the green button on the printer
3. Power on printer keeping the green button held down
4. When 5 seconds have elapsed release the green button.

Your printer is now reset to factory defaults.

Then test your printer to see if that has fixed the problem. ie you may need to leave the printer idle for a few hours and try a test print.

The cold reset of the printer did not fix the problem, so now I will try the firmware update.

If the test print does not print the next step is to upgrade the firmware to the
P2015_FW_Update-20080312.exe version
using the file downloaded from the HP web site.
MS Windows Instructions for printer firmware update:

Depending on the speed of your PC, the firmware update process may complete on the printer, before the progress bar on the screen completes. Once the update process has started, do not use your PC for other activity until the process is complete.

1. Download the file to the desktop.
2. Turn the printer off and then back on to clear main printer memory.
3. Double click on the flash update utility file. A Window "LaserJet P2015 Firmware Update 20080312" will open.
4. In the window adjacent to the "select printer to update" use the drop down arrow to select the HP LaserJet P2015 series driver. If you have previously assigned a different name to the HP Laser Jet P2015 series, choose the name that represents the P2015 series printer.
5. Click on the "Send Firmware" button in the "LaserJet P2015 Firmware Update 20080312" dialog window.
6. The progress bar will begin to move to the right indicating information being transferred.
7. Do not power cycle the printer or the PC during this process or the printer may become unstable and or unusable without further attention from HP. The firmware update can take up to 5 minutes to complete. Please be patient.
8. On the display of the PC, a smiling face will appear in the "LaserJet P2015 Firmware Update 20080312" dialog box, which does not mean the firmware update is completed. The success of firmware update is indicated by the ready state (green LED is on) of LEDs.
9. During the printer firmware update, the printer LEDs will begin flashing. When the LEDs return to a ready state (green LED is on), it is necessary to power off the printer and then power on again.
10. If it is desired to verify the update, a configuration page can be printed from the printer. To print a configuration page Press and hold the Go button for 5 seconds when printer Ready light is on and no other jobs are printing or select it from the Print Information Pages drop-down list on the Service tab in Printer Preference. The configuration page will display the current firmware revision in the Product information block, Firmware Datecode: 20080312.

Now when I performed the above firmware upgrade steps
the PC showed a happy face at the end of the process.
The printer showed some flashing of the maintenance light during the file download
but the printer now has no lights at all. So I am not sure what to do.

I waited an hour and still the printer has no lights.
When I power cycle the printer, it is now unusable.

However when I turned on the printer the next day it was OK. But still had the sleep problem.

I contacted HP and they are now arranging a technician to visit to fix the printer.
HP replaced the board and the printer is OK Now.
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Re: Laserjet P2015 does not awake from sleep mode

Postby stephen » Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:01 am

Found this suggestion here
01-04-2010 04:13 AM

The problem is with some cold solder joints on the logic board. Replacing with a new logic board sometimes DOESN'T fix the issue as some of the new boards have the same problem. The problem is with the new leadfree solder being used and sometimes it doesn't make the connection good enough. Over time, vibration in the machine causes the connection in question to fail intermittently. That's why the problem is so random. Sometimes you can jar the machine or simply turn it off and the vibration during the power-up will temporarily allow the connection to work but soon fails again.

Believe it or not ---

1. Remove the logic board from the printer
2. Remove black plastic card cover in memory slot area (1"X2") from board.
3. Preheat home oven to 350 degrees.
4. Place the board component side down on a cookie sheet or similar suspended off the sheet at the corners. I use 1" foil balls.
5. Bake in oven 10 minutes at 350.
(For those not based in the US, 350 degrees Fahrenheit is approximately 177 degrees Celsius.)
6. Turn off oven and open door to allow cooling more quickly.
7. Once cool, reinstall black plastic sheet to board and install into printer.


I have done this to a lot of boards since I heard it a while back. It also works on the P3005 logic boards not communicating and on some of the jetdirect cards that won't communicate.

Hope that helps you all!
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