MDX Axis numbers must be sequentially specified

MDX (Multi-Dimensional eXpressions) is a language that allows you to query OLAP(On-Line Analytical processing) cubes

MDX Axis numbers must be sequentially specified

Postby stephen » Tue Dec 02, 2008 6:16 am

MDX query
This MDX query
select [Internet Sales].members on rows from [Analysis Services Tutorial]

gives this error
Axis numbers specified in a query must be sequentially specified, and cannot contain gaps

change rows to columns
select [Internet Sales].members on columns from [Analysis Services Tutorial]

Axis Name
0 Columns
1 Rows
2 Pages
3 Chapters
4 Sections

Note from book MDX Solutions, Wiley
A query that uses axis 1 must also use axis 0, a query that uses axis 2 must also use axes 1 and 0. You cannot skip an axis in a query.
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